Thursday, February 12, 2009

Michigan TV Station Ditches Plans to Air Antigay "Infomercial"

"Speechless: Silencing Christians", an anti-gay infomercial produced by the infamous American Family Association known for its obsession with the "Homosexual Agenda", was canceled from airing on a Michigan TV station.

Here is the infomercial.



PART 2 (Ann Coulter and the homosexual agenda in this part)

PART 3 (Their objections to gay history in schools)

As I have blogged before, the AFA cries foul when they're told to be quiet and cry censorship, but if we are seen on television in any ad or medium in which we are treated as equals, they'll boycott. Here's an example of an ad they complained so much about, it was immediately pulled off the air in the UK (yes, they attack outside of America, too):

I do agree with one aspect of the AFA's infomercial title - I'm "speechless."

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