Friday, January 23, 2009

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To ALL who support the rights of Gay America: please sign and use this message, or any message of your choice, to congratulate President Obama, as well as to remind him of the importance of his commitment to Gay Civil Rights. Please FORWARD WIDELY.

The White House email address is:

During this time of transition, we encourage you to also copy to:

Also consider:

There is also a contact form that may be used here

The White House server was apparently "down" for some time yesterday, but is apparently up and accepting email again today, according to CNN.



Dear President Obama:

We, as Gays and as allies of the Gay community, applaud your choice of Rev. Gene Robinson to lead the Invocation Prayer at your Lincoln Memorial inauguration event, although we were most disappointed that his prayer was not aired on the networks. We hope that your choice symbolizes a new beginning for your relationship with our community.

Over the last two years, wherever you have looked during your campaign, the Gay community was there. Unlike the right wing, we supported your campaign financially and otherwise—just as in the past we supported Rev. Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, and other leaders who championed equal rights for oppressed minorities.

We recognize and yes, even support your desire to build a coalition across the political spectrum. However, we ask that you recognize the important difference between those with differing political points of view and those who preach fear to support the denial of basic Human Civil Rights. We trust that, in the future, you will find ways to reach out across the American political spectrum, without supporting or providing the appearance of support to individuals or groups that stand for hate and bigotry.

The basic human right of each and every American citizen to equality under the law—regardless of race, color, creed, gender, or orientation—is simply not a political question.

[Your Name]

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