Thursday, January 22, 2009

Help Camp Courage Decide the Next Training Site

The LGBT community did such a great job in raising money for Camp Courage ($68,000 to be exact, way beyond the $25,000 needed), they're returning to the community and asking them to be directly involved in their future planning.

Many towns in California want to be chosen for a training site, but the Courage Campaign is turning to you to decide. Go here to vote on which of the following towns should host Camp Courage:

Los Angeles (second training)
Marin County
Orange County
Palm Springs
Riverside/San Bernardino
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
San Luis Obispo
Santa Barbara
Santa Cruz/Monterey
Sonoma County

According to the Courage Campaign, "Your votes will help our staff make some tough decisions on where to locate our Camp Courage trainings in the months ahead.

"We will weigh many factors, including prioritizing trainings in communities that will likely not receive as many votes as major metropolitan areas. Ultimately, we want to make strategic decisions and pick locations that will help build the Marriage Equality Movement across California (something to keep in mind when you vote)."

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