Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Atlanta, GA Protest

This past weekend, a "moving protest" was staged in Atlanta, GA, organized by activist Jeff Schade, who sent me this account of events:

"Basically our protest was a 'moving protest' and we had people crossing the street when the light changed (which prevented some people from turning making our protest a bit of a traffic disruption and forced people to see our signs etc). We had a steady stream of honks from traffic and people were generally supportive (thought there were several drivers who flicked us off or one who got irate and started swearing (he appeared to be but his wife rolled up the window) -- two of the protesters responded by blowing him kisses and wishing him a Merry Christmas.

All in all it was very peaceful, the cops were very supportive and though we did a great job organizing and keeping people peaceful and there were no major incidents. We hope to have future events in this vein in the near future."

Here's local coverage of the protest:

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