Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Artists Joining the Fight

More and more, artists and writers from all walks of artistic philosophy and perspectives, are joining forces against such injustices as Prop 8. Using their collective power for good, they have begun to fight back, donating their services to grassroots groups that, in the true spirit of grassroots, have no money.

One such artists' group, the Uncompany was recently highlighted in the Advocate. Though their scope goes beyond LGBT issues, they plan on completely tackling the repeal of Prop 8 in February.

Another group, focused on kicking out Prop 8, has popped up on Facebook, called Art Against H8, and every artist who posts in the group consents that anyone can use their artwork for non-commercial purposes. More of their artwork can be found on their Flickr site.

So are you going to a rally? Marching down a street and need a sign? Doing a grassroots ad or viral campaign? Need art? Look no further. You've got creative power at your fingertips.

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