Friday, August 7, 2009

21 Couples Tell Their Stories As Part of a Washington DC Campaign for Marriage Equality

D.C. for Marriage has launched a new campaign for marriage equality in Washington where recently the city council passed a resolution allowing the district to recognize legal same-sex marriages performed outside its borders.

Now with D.C. City Council member David Catania expected to introduce a bill that will allow the district itself to perform same-sex marriages, the organization has decided to act.

Using the power of storytelling, 21 local gay and lesbian couples are speaking out, relating how important marriage equality is to them.

Michael Crawford, president of D.C. for Marriage, told the Washington Blade that a key early component of his organization’s efforts aimed at enacting same-sex marriage is working “with couples who are married — or hoping to marry — to engage in personal storytelling.”

“Then we’re going to extend it to unmarried people so we have a grassroots army of people who are equipped and trained to talk about why marriage is important, and who can spread out across the city,” he said.

“The real focus is on enabling couples to share stories about why marriage is so important to gay and lesbian families. We know that the more people get to know us the more supportive they are of LGBT equality. The best way to do that is to have conversations with people about why marriage is so important.”

You can find four of the couples stories at the Washington Blade.

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  1. One of the couples--the one shown in the picture--is our first and second canvass director at MassEquality!

    Congrats to Julie and Emily! Go DC.

    Marc Solomon
    Marriage Director
    Equality California