Monday, July 6, 2009

Joint Chief of Staff Ad. Mike Mullen Believes in "Measured" Approach to DADT; Colin Powell Withholds Judgment

"I haven't done any kind of extensive review. And what I feel most obligated about is to make sure I tell the president, you know, my - give the president my best advice, should this law change, on the impact on our people and their families at these very challenging times," Mullen said.

So naturally, my response, "What about our families? What about DADT impact on us? I guess we're beside the point of consideration."

See former top Clinton aide and lawyer Richard Socarides response to Mullen's comments at America Blog.

Even more disappointing is Colin Powell, who in 1993 helped get DADT passed.

Michael of Michael-in-Norfolk blog observes, "Powell's comments are particularly ironic since at the time President Harry Truman integrated the military there were many racist whites who viewed blacks much the same way gays are viewed by homophobic bigots. Using Powell's analysis, Truman should not have made the move he did - waiting instead for the country to be ready for the change. Living around the military as I do, it is likely the most anti-change institution there is save perhaps the bitter old queens at the Vatican."

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