Monday, July 6, 2009

DC's Marriage Equality Recognition Bill Takes Effect Tuesday; Main Opponent Marion Barry Arrested

Tuesday, Washington's DC marriage equality recognition bill takes effect. In May the district's council approved a resolution that would allow DC to recognize same-sex marriages legally performed in states that allow it.

Stiff opposition came in the form of Bishop Harry Jackson and former DC mayor and now councilman Marion Barry, who was the lone opposing vote to the recognition bill, but their attempts to obstruct the law have not succeeded.

Below is a video of Marion Barry at an anti-marriage equality rally in DC.

And now, in a twist that has become all too commonplace for those who oppose marriage equality, Marion Barry finds himself in trouble with the law again, this time arrested on Saturday night for stalking a former paramour.

Hopefully this incident will be a reminder of how far Marion Barry is from being able to judge others and how their relationships should look or be recognized. He has a long history of run-ins with the law and obviously needs to pay more attention to his own romantic relationships and worry less about others.

Maybe it's coincidence, but the timing of his arrest may highlight the hypocrisy in those who will do anything to keep LGBT from marrying. Luckily, he didn't succeed.

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