Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ft. Worth Police Chief Changes Tone at Public Forum; Vigil Held for Injured Bar Raid Patron

Fort Wort Police Chief Jeff Halstead has shifted his tone about the raid on the LGBT bar Rainbow Lounge after his comments yesterday that upset a lot of LGBT people, including allies.

At a forum that was already scheduled before the controversy to address Fort Worth residents' concerns about the police, Halstead responded to LGBT residents' questions about the incident.
"We’ve got to work together," Halstead said. "Be patient, and you will see that this is just not lip service. I will meet with you wherever you want to meet. I will go to your restaurants, your house, we can eat barbecue, whatever you want to do. But we’ve got to talk.

"We will heal beyond this."
Pegasus News reports on a "public chat" that took place last night in which a crowd of over 100 appeared and witnesses of the raid detailed what they saw.

A vigil also took place last night in honor of Chad Gibson who was injured during the bar's raid. Once listed in serious condition, the hospital issued good news that he is now in fair condition.

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