Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Get Engaged" Tour Shares Latest CA Marriage Equality Polling Data with LGBT Across State

Press Release from Marriage Equality USA:

"We are a resilient community. In the face of a California Supreme Court that failed to step in when a bare majority of voters added an exception to the equal protection clause of the State Constitution, we are ready to launch a 'Get Engaged' Tour to restore marriage equality for all," said Molly McKay, Marriage Equality USA Media Director. "We believe in our community and our collective wisdom about how to best move forward together from here."

"Through the Get Engaged Tour, we will present findings from a May 2009 field poll that measured support for marriage equality and messaging provided by faith leaders, families and children of same-sex couples," said Pamela Brown, Marriage Equality USA Policy Director.

"This poll was created by a broad coalition of organizations representing communities of faith, people of color, labor, LGBT groups and straight allies and the Get Engaged Tour is intended to not only share this information but to obtain feedback from our grassroots community on our next initiative campaign," Pamela continued. "In today's economy, our greatest strength is our people. Only through engaging a broad coalition of organizations and incorporating community feedback into how we move ahead can we ensure the next campaign will honor our families, represent our faith and reflect our diversity."

"Faith leaders across California will be actively involved in the Get Engaged Tour and will be at the forefront of any future campaign to restore legal marriage for all people and to protect religious freedom," said Pastor Samuel Chu, California Faith for Equality. "Our faith-based values require us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Gay and lesbian people are our neighbors and they should be able to enjoy the dignity, respect and commitment that come with marriage."

Over a dozen events have currently been posted with more to come in the month of July. A listing of current tour locations can be found at Communities not currently listed but interested in hosting events can contact us at and individuals can submit input via an on-line survey.


  1. I'm more anxious to learn what the questions were than the answers.

    The response to Do You Approve of Allowing Gay Marriage? gets a much different response than Do You Approve of Prohibiting Gay Marriage?

    I wonder which question was asked by our brilliant $85,000 poll that ultimately came up with the result Californians are evenly split on the issue. Yeah, best $85K spent since the brilliant No on 8 campaign.

  2. The tour, a contination of Town Halls, is a great way to maintain open channels, build grassroots and gauge buy-in. But hard data and campaign information are crucial for people to provide real input.

    I think we need the Prop 8 audit in order to fully learn from the mistakes in that campaign before beginning anew.

    Also, we need to thoroughly evaluate and assess their poll results in direct comparison with the latest LA Times Poll released last week.

    The LAT Poll documents some important racial and ethnic divisions that are the key to success in LA County, which holds 25% of all voters and is key to flipping the state.

    These divisions, which many have tried to downplay, are vital to understand.

    We cannot move forward with any confidence without a comprehensive strategy for these voters.

    The LAT tracked opinion among Latino and African American voters, both crucial voter groups, but curiously did not separate out Asian/API voters which is a significant voter group in LA and in other key parts of the state.

    Here are links for your readers:

    Actual Raw Poll Data

    Nifty Powerpoint Presentation

    Summary with graphics,0,6836598.htmlstory