Thursday, May 7, 2009

VIDEO: CNN On Obama and LGBT Rights, "Think 10-Foot Pole."

I'm a bit befuddled. Does CNN, in its initial report, completely discount the ABC News Poll that showed for the first time in history that marriage equality supporters actually outnumbered opponents, 49% to 46%?

If in fact they don't think the poll holds water, they should at least refer to it and point out why they think it isn't valid.

Thank God for Paul Begala. At least he takes the time to point it out. On top of that, he brings up the National Guard Lt. Dan Choi being discharged under DADT.


  1. Hey! I recognize some of that footage. It's our Eve of Justice rally in formerly-conservative San Diego!

  2. I think I'm getting a little tired of the too much on his plate argument, which I myself have made. Getting rid of Don't Ask Don't Tell is a no-brainer of relatively little controversy. If he won't bother with even that tiny step while he's busy with admittedly major stuff, we can forget anything from this president, who will be busy with the most major of stuff throughout his term(s).