Monday, January 18, 2010

Prop 8 Trial Re-Enactments to Be Produced and Posted on YouTube Tuesday

Since the Supreme Court was fooled by the Prop 8 proponents' weak argument that they feared retaliation and therefore didn't want their already well-known prejudices broadcast to the nation, gay filmmaker and father John Ireland of the Get to Know Us First campaign has decided to produce re-enactments of the Prop 8 trial proceedings and will post them on YouTube beginning Tuesday.

“People want to see this drama unfold and there is a tremendous narrative that was propelled by that first day of testimony,” Ireland told On Top Magazine on Sunday. “This is the first time that gay and lesbian people have talked about their lives in federal court. It's historic from that point of view.”

“We've been in a fast and furious process of auditioning yesterday, confirming and booking last night, late into the night, and this morning at 9:30 we were all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and started filming,” he said.

This is great news. One of the biggest advantages of this trial (beside the obvious chance of winning back our rights) was that America would finally be able to hear the truth behind the motivations of those who actively work to strip our rights away and see for themselves the prejudice and bigotry (not to mention how Americans have been manipulated). However, the Supreme Court drastically hindered this by overstepping their administrative authority and blocking filming of the trial.

John Ireland is providing a means for us to overcome this hurdle and get the word of the trial back out through the ubiquitous YouTube.

Unite the Fight will be sure to post the re-enactments as soon as they go up. Be sure to pass them on!

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