Thursday, November 19, 2009

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders to Testify in Proposition 8 Trial

Two years ago, Republican San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders changed his mind when it came to marriage equality. Tearfully, he held a press conference and announced his intentions to sign a City Council resolution directing the City Attorney to file a court brief in support of same sex marriage. A year later, Sanders won re-election.

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera made it known today that Mayor Sanders will testify in the first marriage trial ever - the federal challenge to Proposition 8 helmed by the Olson/Boies team.

Herrera said Mayor Sanders readily agreed. Which is very encouraging. The mayor suffered scrutiny and backlash for abandoning his former position. The fact that he's ready to take an oath and testify in trial shows the courage of his convictions.

Trial is set to begin January 11.

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  1. This is very fine. I watched that press conference! It was extremely moving. Glad he won re-election.