Monday, August 17, 2009

VIDEO: The Great Nationwide Kiss-In Gives Equality and the Nation Thousands of Big Kisses

This past Saturday, the Great Nationwide Kiss-In took place across the country with thousands of LGBT and allies demonstrating PDA, or in layman's terms, public display of affection.

"If you had told me one month ago, that on August 15, 2009, thousands of people would come together in over 55 cities, across the United States and Canada, to stand together and kiss for equality, I would have said, 'impossible!'" exclaimed lead organizer David Badash, who blogs at the New Civil Rights Movement, in a message sent to participants and those who helped make the event possible.

"In just a few short weeks, you accomplished something almost impossible, changed hearts and minds, stood to represent equality for millions of people, spread love across the world, showed people that everyone has the right to kiss their loved ones, regardless of gender, and proved that peaceful displays of love can be farther-reaching, more powerful and meaningful than protests and hate," David gushed with enthusiasm.

"Yesterday, despite so many incredible challenges, hardships, and barriers, you made a decision to step outside of yourselves, and, for the good of all people, stand together, kiss, and say to the world, "A kiss is just a kiss" - but don't ever try to stop me from kissing the one I love!"

David announced that they plan to make this an annual event.

Below are some fun videos taken from around the country at kiss-in events.

Chicago (See pics!)

San Francisco


Santa Monica, CA

San Diego

Report from:
San Diego
Salt Lake City
Normal, IL
Battery Park, NY

Photo by Michael Lehet

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