Tuesday, March 3, 2009

EVENT REMINDER: March 4th, Eve of Justice

Across the nation, LGBT rights advocates and allies are gearing up for Eve of Justice on March 4th, the evening before the CA Supreme Court hears oral arguments against Prop 8.

Los Angeles info:

March Forth PC


- Jenny Pizer of Lambda Legal who will give an update on the case before flying to San Francisco to argue before the Supreme Court in the morning.
- A recommitment ceremony officiated by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. All married couples and couples wanting to get married are welcome to join in. This includes same sex and opposite sex couples.
- Musical entertainment by Tony Sweet, Nita Whittaker and Mandy Steckelberg.
- A Candlelight pledge to promote love, tolerance and equality in the future and the promise we will not stop until we our work is finished.

The event will finish with a candlelight march to the Supreme Court building.

Without support from the community, this even would not be possible. Please help cover the costs by donating.

Join the Facebook event page for Los Angeles and the National Page!

Already the Yes on 8 people are sending out the word to mobilize at the event. Let your voices by heard!

For information in your area, visit EveofJustice.com.

On March 5th, go to a live viewing of the oral arguments in downtown LA or Lambda Legal's viewing (see calendar at the bottom of the blog for information).

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