Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why We Fight

Earlier, I had posted about the outrageous Christian Anti-Defamation Commission and their audacity to claim that they're victims of bashing because of their faith.

My friend Rob responded eloquently with a video that was also in the post.

A few days after posting the "bashing" video response, Rob received a Facebook email from a girl. Finding it motivating to keep the fight for equal rights going, Rob shared it on his blog Waking Up Now.

The message:

"I don’t even know if you are going to read this, but I thought it was worth a try.

"I watched your video on Christians and how they use bashing and how gay people truly know what it means, and I have to say I cried. This isn’t a sob story or anything…But I go to a Christian Private School in [location removed], and if you know of that area it’s a very conservative area.

"I’m 15 and I’m gay but at my school you are not allowed to be or you can be expelled because “that is not what God intended”. I accidentally came out to most of my class while we were in the midst of a heated discussion of why gay marriage was wrong, me being the only one who thought it was good. My words exactly were “Well I’m sure my girlfriend would agree with me.”

"I figured that somehow my parents would find out about it so I began to talk to my mom about what she thought about being gay, and that stuff. She told me she didn’t agree with it, and if I was gay she would not come to my wedding, and she would take me to a therapist. I responded by telling her that I wouldn’t need a therapist, but did not tell her because I was honestly afraid she would hate me or something.

"At school, I am constantly being called a faggot, faggot lover, etc, and at first i just ignored it because I thought of it as stupid immature highschool [sic] talk and I still had a few good friends who stuck around. I guess I found out who my real friends were. I have also received detentions for calling a guy who was calling me a faggot…during class…an asshole. When having conversations with teachers they tell me how homosexuality is something I may be suffering from or choosing, but I need help, and I need to ask for forgiveness or else I won’t be able to achieve heaven. I don’t understand how a Christian, who says that you should love everybody and care for them, is honestly going to decide who gets to go to heaven. Unless any of them talk to god on a regular basis I don’t think they can tell me that.

"Also, since when are they legally allowed to kick someone out of school based on their sexual orientation?

"I am just so sick of people’s ignorance and unwillingness to open their eyes and see that people have feelings and something like the gender somebody likes has nothing to do with who they are. We are all people, we all have feelings, and we all love.

"It’s rediculous [sic] how stupid it’s all becoming. I’m sorry for this long message, but it felt good to type out. I really want to start advocating gay rights, and talk to people who go through what I am now, the parents that don’t understand, losing a lot of friends because of it…but in the end I feel happier, because I’m not hiding myself anymore.

"Okay, I’m done…I swear.

Keep up the fight.

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