Friday, January 16, 2009

Yes! on Equality - Official Marriage Equality Ballot Initiative for 2010

As a community, we do not have time to wait and see if the Supreme Court upholds Prop 8 or not. We need to prepare in advance. If we are to fight for marriage equality by repealing Prop 8 through the ballot, it is imperative we begin obtaining enough signatures now for a 2010 initiative in order to make it in time.

Yes! on Equality is the official site for the 2010 campaign and needs your signature on the petition.

According to their website, this campaign "is dedicated to the individual. It’s also why we’ve eliminated the burden of board members, bureaucracy, and nonsensical regulation that have plagued other organizations and attempts. This is a campaign about you." This is a far cry from the No on 8 Campaign, which was plagued by politics and bad strategy and handicapped by a deaf ear to its own community.

This time around, there won't be a barricade between your involvement and the campaign. Take Action!


  1. I don't get it. Who are the people behind Yes! and what in the world makes them the "official" sponsor of a 2010 ballot initiative?

    Sorry, just not so. There are many reputable organizations working together to craft the ballot initiative, and I trust groups that have faces and that are willing to work cooperatively far more than this anonymous website with its false and outrageous claims.

    Your blurb is very misleading. No one, not this Yes! group or anyone else, is collecting signatures to put a Repeal Prop 8 initiative on the ballot. We are not at that stage. Nothing has been filed with the Secretary of State. This is simply not so.

    Yes, we should prepare for that stage, and that's what the website is doing ... collecting personal information to use as a resource when the time comes to collect actual ballot petition signatures. Those cannot be done online. Ballot petitions must be signed in person, and it's a very exacting process that, as I said, many reputable groups - both establishment and grassroots, are working jointly on to the exacting standards of the law.

  2. They submitted a ballot initiative to the attorney general, we are well on our way to overturning h8.