Thursday, February 19, 2009

UPDATE: Valentine's Day Kiss-In Protest

UPDATE: To see images and videos of the kiss-in protest provided by Roots of Equality, click here.

With the kiss-in a success, Roots of Equality proudly reports: “Forty years ago, we could be arrested for kissing in public. Forty years later, we stand on the steps of city hall to kiss. Forty years from now, we will be married legally in this very same city hall and everyone will wonder what all the ruckus was about forty years earlier.”


Roots of Equality is organizing a kiss-in protest for Valentine's Day, February 14th in front of the Los Angeles City Hall. (For specifics, see calendar at the bottom of the blog)

As quoted from their site: "They took away our rights, they made us second class citizens, and now they’re trying to take away the marriages we already legally obtained. Well F that. Show them that no matter what they do to us, we are and will continue to love."

RSVP on Facebook at the Kiss In! event.

Can you help Roots of Equality with the Kiss In! LA protest? Interested in organizing one at your city hall? Email at

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