Friday, January 2, 2009

Marcha Somos Familia: We Are Family March

This Sunday, January 4th, Somos Familia is hosting a march in East Los Angeles in protest of Proposition 8.

As part of their mission statement, Somos Familia is using this march to "not only. . . voice our disappointment on the passing of Proposition 8 but to also encourage dialogue and love among all friends, families, and allies of the LGBT communities."

Hoping to be one of the first large marches in East Los Angeles, it can be effective in reaching those who are not regularly exposed to the LGBT communities. Unlike the prior protests held in allied neighborhoods, this march can bring together immigrants facing everyday discrimination, LGBT community members sidelined as second-class citizens due to Proposition 8, African Americans who face daily racial prejudice and more. Though these communities don't always see eye-to-eye, Proposition 8 is not only a threat to the LGBT community, but to other minority groups as well. If one group of citizens could have their rights stripped away, this makes all minority groups vulnerable.

For more information, see the calendar at the bottom of blog or visit Somos Familia Facebook Event Page.