Thursday, December 4, 2008

An Ex-Mormon Missionary's Story

I have been contacted by Mormons who are ashamed of their church's involvement with the passing of Prop 8 and the direct negative impact that they have had on thousands of lives. Many have become actively involved to repeal Prop 8, volunteering their time to fight as our allies, some even resigning from the church and are now facing ostracism from their families and friends. Some have even started a website, Mormons for Marriage. Check it out and give your support.

We need to remind ourselves that not all Mormons are the enemy and that building these bridges with Mormon allies is essential to our success. We also need to take advantage of the resources within our own LGBTQ community because a substantial amount of our numbers were Mormons at one point.

An account of an ex-Mormon missionary gives a great insight to the Mormon church, its history on homophobia and its present situation of being under the microscope due to their involvement with Prop 8. It's a fascinating read and you can find it on PR

After reading this, what are your thoughts? How can we use this information to our advantage, shaping our strategies with it in mind?

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