Friday, December 12, 2008

According to Pat Boone, We're "Sexual Jihadists"!

Pat Boone, crooner, TV star and evangelical is, believe it or not, still around. And though I normally wouldn't want to make that fact any more prominent in our collective cultural consciousness, the man has grabbed my attention with a pretty ignorant albeit innocuous editorial. See his insipid remarks here.

Boone's attempt to anger us and stir a response is sadly apparent. So why do I bother even posting this, you ask? Because it made me laugh, and as a recent study found, happiness amongst friends is contagious. I want to further the epidemic.


  1. I know this is so wrong of me, but i think the phrase 'sexual jihadist' is kinda hot.

  2. The whole thing is ironic, since Boone himself has been involved in fundamentalist Christian jihads for years.