Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just starting . . .

Please bear with me as I just started this site today (Saturday, Nov. 8). It will be hopping soon. Make this an interactive site. A movement is not a movement when there's just one voice.

The post below this one is my mission statement. PLEASE READ! I know it's long, but lots need to be said. I promise future posts will be shorter. Here's what to expect in the next few days:

  • What is this movement? What's our goal? What are our next steps? How do we further unite to drive our message home? Practically and ideologically. Let's combine efforts!
  • What is marriage, the history of marriage, and was it always one man and one woman? I think not. Let's educate ourselves to counter the argument on what "traditional" marriage is.
  • What does our state and federal constitution really say? Arm yourself with the knowledge of the actual law.
  • What does the Bible actually say? (You may not care, but your opposition does. You better know this stuff if you want to intelligently engage your opposition)
  • There are two main debates: religious morality vs. civil morality and pro-gay religious morality vs. anti-gay religious morality. Learn the difference.
  • Tons of pictures from the protests. You'll even be able to order some!


  1. What does the Bible actually say?

    OOh, you don't really want to get into one of those discussions, do you?

    The opposition doesn't care what you think..

    We don't live under religious rule.

    Welcome to activist blogging.

  2. Haha. Yes, I do. Though we don't live under religious rule, we live next to them, and everyday, one of us is confronted with their beliefs. How do we respond other than with "bigot"? Let's show them we're prepared.

    Two debates could follow:

    1. Civil Morality vs. Religious Morality
    2. Pro-gay Religious Morality vs. Anti-Gay Religious Morality

    I will post on the difference soon. But it's inevitable that we'll be involved in #2. Some Christians don't differentiate the two. And, contrary to popular belief, there are Christian gays. And they'll want to know how to engage fellow Christians on their own turf.

  3. I believe that the real issue is the humanization of gay couples. Reviewing the advertising for and against Prop 8, the arguement that had the strongest sway with "Yes" voters was the teaching of gay marriage in schools.

    The "No" on Prop 8 ads were all about not allowing discrimination and bigotry but did not humanize the issue to voters.

    If we are to succeed in reversing this terrible set back, we need to educate more people on the facts which are:

    1) Gay Couples are like straight couples. They marry and they lead normal daily lives.

    2) Gay parents care about the same issues as straight parents: Good schools, safe neighborhoods and thriving communities.

    The best way to change opinion and votes on Prop 8 is not to attack the Mormons, African Americans or any other group but to educate that gay couples live the same lives as straight couples.

    By educating people on the connectivity of gay and straight couples' lives, it will be less threatening to those with a somewhat open mind and the opportunity to gain the support of those who votes Yes on Prop 8.

    I agree with NG, the religious arguement is a losing one because there is no definitive answer. The only way to win is to humanize the issue and take away peoples' fear of the unknown.