Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Black GLBT March and Protest in Leimert Park

This past weekend, there was a march in Leimert Park organized by "Love at Work - The Exchange" and Rev. Freda Lanoix. The Barbara Jordan/Bayard Rustin Coalition strongly supported the march, issuing a Press Release, part of which said:

"African-American Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Americans have something unique to add to the multiple activities attempting to repeal Proposition 8. The Jordan/Rustin Coalition supports, endorses and will participate in any and all peaceful and lawful actions involving our own communities which support this goal."

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend since I was out of town and have been searching for some coverage. Luckily, I came across John Waiblinger and his videos (which can be found on his channel at YouTube), who runs a blog named Queer Dilemma. Thanks, John, for sharing these videos.

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  1. Just received a great link from Rev. Freda that has some really great photos of Sunday's rally - check these out, they really capture the spirit and diversity of this event: