Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Urge CNN to Consider Gay Life in America

With the popular series "Black in America," CNN shed light on the black American experience. They also have an upcoming series called "Latino in America" this October. Considering the vast amount of misinformation regarding sexual orientation, social attitudes, homophobia and rising support for gay equality, encourage CNN to tell the story of gay life in America. American LGBT is a community of unsung heroes, unimaginable hardship, expressive culture and a unique American experience that major news networks have, in many respects, failed to capture.

Contact CNN's team and request a similar documentary for the LGBT community; "Gay in America."

Sign the petition at gayrights.change.org

Crossposted with Queers United.


  1. Actually, they're already working on one! I do public education work at one of the national LGBT rights organizations and a CNN producer contacted me a couple of weeks ago about it.

  2. That's great news! And y'know, I'm not surprised. I was expected someone to say this. :)