Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vermont's Gov. To Veto Same-Sex Marriage Bill Monday?

From Gay Rights Watch:
Gov. Jim Douglas could veto Vermont’s civil marriage bill as early as Monday night.

State lawmakers said they will try to override the governor, but no one knows if House leaders have the votes needed to do so.

On Friday, the Vermont House gave final approval to a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage starting in September. The Senate will hold a vote Tuesday morning, followed by the House.

“Everyone should have the same rights for who they want to marry,” said Moira Adams, who supports the bill. “It doesn’t matter who they want to marry. If they’re in love, they should be able to marry.”

“If he vetoes it, yes, they definitely should override him, absolutely,” said Sean Tymecki, who supports the bill. “Vermont’s always been the first — first to abolish slavery and first to have civil unions — and we should keep going with it.”
URGENT ACTION is needed to encourage the legislature to override the governor's veto. Go to Unite the Fight's earlier post on action information.

Check out this great post on Lez Get Real on the chances of a veto override.

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